You can create a more effective online platform for your business using modern web design techniques. You can also increase your search engine optimization and increase conversions. However, knowing what to include in your website design is important. Here are 8 elements you should include in your website with the help of a web design company in Dubai.

White space – You must utilize white space to make your website appear clean and uncluttered. This element allows you to have much information on your website without obscuring it. It is also a great way to create a visual hierarchy.

Typography – Typography gives your website a uniform look throughout each page. This will help visitors identify your business and make it easier to navigate. You can also use unique fonts to make your business stand out.

Color – Your website should have a color scheme that matches your brand tone. The right colors can also help convey a message. Some modern websites use bold colors to attract more visitors. Blue is a great color because it showcases your confidence and authority.

Aside from color, it would help if you also considered the style of font you use. A good font should be a standard across your website’s resources. However, you may choose to use larger fonts to increase your impact.

Cursor elements – You can use many unique cursor elements in your website design. For instance, you can include a cursor that plays a piano tone or displays different photos. Other cursors may include those that asymmetrically display images and text.

Images – These are often overlooked but can make a website stand out. Use high-quality images to describe the story of your business. It is important to ensure you include proper credit for the images used on your website.

Captions – These are often overlooked but can be a great way to add style to your website. Ensure you include a caption that includes identifying information about the image subject.

Adding a background video – These can be a great way to increase your appeal and add a sense of sophistication to your website. You can also use the dynamic scrolling feature on your website to display a video only when users scroll down the page. This helps you lower the content you need to display on your website.

By Bethany