There is no definitive answer to the question of when is the right time to replace your car s tires. The answer to this question will depend on several factors. For example, different tires may have different speed ratings and heights, affecting their performance. In addition, different vehicles may have wheel monitoring systems, which will require you to rotate the wheels in a specific way. Check the owner’s manual if you are considering a tyre change in Dubai.

As soon as they wear out:

Knowing when to replace car tires is crucial to ensuring safety. In most cases, your car’s tires should be replaced as soon as they reach 2/32 inch tread, which is considered the legal wear-out point. If you are unsure when to replace your tires, you can consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for guidance.

Tire tread wear bars are small raised rubber bits in the tread. When they reach the top of the tread, they may indicate that it’s time to replace your car’s tires. Rubber tires naturally age, which is caused by multiple factors, including temperature and load conditions.

As soon as they need a new set of tires:

A vehicle tire may need replacement when it shows wear and tear. This happens when the tread becomes hard and has visible cracks. These cracks can also be found on the side walls. While you can drive on hard tires for errands and weekend trips, you should replace them if you plan to drive on highways.

A new tire will have at least 6mm of the tread. As the tread depth decreases, the tire will lose its traction and performance. Tires with less tread depth may be more susceptible to aquaplaning. To avoid this, replacing them before they reach the legal limit is best.

If the tread wears down:

You can check the tread wear indicator located less than an inch from the bottom of the tread groove. If the tread wears down to this marker, it is time to replace the tire. You can also check the manufacturing date of your tires by checking the DOT number. The first two digits are the manufacturing date, while the second two represent the year.

By Bethany