Ridiculously Easy Way To Grow Your Business Online


Every business can share a wealth of information with its target audience. The trick is to decide what is relevant to them. They must focus on providing valuable content over promotional content to keep their audience’s attention and engagement high. Applying these principles to your first email will help you to create high-converting campaigns. If you still need clarification, you should get help from a reliable¬†digital agency in Dubai.

Personalization generates DH20 in ROI for every DH1 invested:

Personalization is an effective way to increase customer engagement and boost revenue. According to research by Relevancy Group, personalization adds as much as DH 20 in ROI for every DH 1 invested in email marketing. In addition, personalization improves conversion rates, increases website visits, and yields a higher revenue per email for businesses.

Plain text vs. HTML campaigns:

When deciding whether to send HTML-heavy or plain text-based emails, it’s important to consider the click-through rate, which measures how many recipients click on a link within your email. On the other hand, open rates measure how many people open an email. While both metrics are important, a plain text email will typically outperform an HTML email when it comes to asking for engagement.

Long-form vs. short form emails:

Whether you are using email marketing to warm up prospects for your sales funnel or to inform them about a new product or service, it is important to consider the format of your emails. Long-form emails are more personalized, with a conversational tone. They are also more informative and help explain how a product or service will benefit your audience.

Trigger-based emails:

Trigger-based emails in email marketing are a great way to nurture your customers and retain them over time. Research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention leads to a 25% increase in profit. This method allows companies to stay in touch with existing customers and use special events to increase loyalty.


One of the most effective ways to grow your online business is to build an email list. This is particularly effective if your list is comprised of high-quality leads. Optinmonster is a list-building tool with tons of templates that are easy to customize. It also has a drag-and-drop builder that is suitable for beginners. It also includes many customizable features, such as spin-to-win wheels, fullscreen welcome mats, and floating announcement bars.

By Bethany