Is it necessary to avail the services of an immigration consultant?

An immigration consultant is someone who assists individuals to migrate from one country to another country either by their effort or by getting help from an agency. The migration consultant may be an international solicitor, immigration attorney, an immigration agent, a translator, or any other professionals. They offer their services free of any charges. But the thing to keep in mind before hiring the top immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada is that they are not legally allowed to encourage illegal immigration, and if hired they have to reveal all facts related to their service. The visa number, green card, nationality, and history check should be done by the client himself. Before you hire them, it is important to consider few things like what are the types of services that they are offering, their fee structure, and their credibility.

Types of immigration consultants:

There are many different types of immigration consultants. Some specialize in particular countries, while some are specialized in the immigration system. The National Immigration Law Center is one of the greatest centers of immigration law information in the nation. Their website provides comprehensive information on all aspects of immigration laws.

Services they offer:

In most cases, these consultants offer the service of filing the visa number, the green card application process, the filing of the adjustment request, the filing of the employment application form, the application process of adjustment of status, and related services. These days, many other agencies are offering the same type of service as well. These agencies are specialized in their services and can be contacted online, over the phone, or in person.

Check credentials:

Many immigration consultants offer their services to people from all countries of the world. If you want to file for an immigrant visa, then you can check the list of immigration consultants who are licensed by the Federal Court. They are experts in this field and deal with all types of legal matters related to immigration. Thus they can be your constant source of advice and help throughout your stay in another country.

Fee structure:

The service of the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Australia is not free of cost. The National Immigration Consultants Society has set the criteria for the admission of its members to be able to charge their clients. As such all its members have to take an exam to prove their eligibility to be a member of society.

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